Why you should start planning your legacy today

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Posted at Dec 18 2020 09:48 AM | Updated as of Dec 18 2020 03:57 PM

Amid a year of uncertainty because of the current health situation and the deluge of natural calamities battering the Philippines, simply being alive is already a great triumph.

All these things happening also made it clear how financial and legacy planning has never been more urgently needed than today. A lot of people were unable to stash away an emergency fund nor set aside funds for the unexpected, and even those who were prepared did not foresee how much damage 2020 could bring. Still, now is not the time to panic. With the future remaining very much uncertain, it’s become even more important to start protecting your family's future with proper legacy planning.

These are the important points raised during an interview between ANC's Salve Duplito and AIA Philam Life Agency Manager and Financial Advisor, Raymond Laurence Cleto.

Why you should start planning your legacy today 1

Financially prepared for the unexpected

People lost jobs, livelihood, and even their own homes because of calamities happening one after the other. With these unfortunate events coming in quick succession, people are realizing that early and proper financial planning would have made it easier for them to weather any storm that comes their way.

According to Cleto, one of the most important lessons learned from the pandemic is that even the best laid plans can be wiped out when the unexpected happens. And this is why it is important to create a financial plan as early as possible, which includes legacy planning. For those who lost the breadwinners in the family, the transition would have been less complicated if their loved one had established a financial strategy that properly bequeathed their assets to those left behind.

All benefits in one plan

When looking for the right financial plan to fit your situation and budget, doing plenty of research is advised. Do not be afraid to seek financial help and ask for available options.

As part of its mission to race against risk and empower Filipinos to live healthier, longer and better lives, AIA Philam Life has come out with new pay terms for its AIA All-in-One plan.

AIA All-In-One comes with life insurance and protection against four major risks in life: untimely death, accidents, disability, and critical illnesses. It is a comprehensive product that helps you conveniently secure your future. Benefits are not affected by market risks, so you can get full protection and peace of mind when the need arises. You will also be comforted to know that your family will not be burdened whenever something happens to you.

"Essentially, it is general insurance. It covers not just life insurance but also accidents, and even disability. And I find it fits the lifestyle of most Filipinos who take public transportation. And we live in a country where disasters like typhoons and earthquakes are quite common. This is a product that provides generous coverage with regard to those risks," said Cleto. "And something that we don't have in the Philippines is disability insurance which is very popular in Western countries. AIA All-In-One is a significant development towards providing disability benefits."

With regards to the current health crisis, AIA All-In-One can cover certain conditions that can be an outcome or by-product of the virus, especially when it leads to a covered critical illness. And in the unfortunate event that the policy owner passes away, the plan can also cover it.

Visit this page to know more about AIA All-In-One.

Why you should start planning your legacy today 2

2020 has certainly made people realize a lot of things, especially when it comes to health and wealth. With a comprehensive financial plan such as AIA Philam Life's AIA All-In-One, giving your family a better future and having the peace of mind that you can weather whatever comes next has never been easier.

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