LOOK: This Solane Christmas video will make you cry and smile


Posted at Dec 14 2020 04:50 PM | Updated as of Dec 14 2020 05:43 PM

LOOK: This Solane Christmas video will make you cry and smile 1

Christmas has been one of the most celebrated seasons in the world. But with everything that is going on globally, is Christmas still worth celebrating?

With all the troubling things happening, the less fortunate, resilient as they may be, might think that Christmas is not worth celebrating anymore. But the truth is, as long as you are still alive you can still celebrate and feel the spirit of Christmas.

In the Philippines, the current health situation made things harder for the vulnerable communities who depended on their everyday salary to get through the day. With both big and small businesses forced to make operational changes, with some even having to close shop permanently, many have found themselves out of jobs and reliant on the government's ayuda

LOOK: This Solane Christmas video will make you cry and smile 2

With this in mind, one of the leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) providers in the Philippines, Solane showcased that despite all the hardships it is still possible to have a meaningful Christmas. 

The company shared its blessing to different families greatly affected by both the recent typhoons and the medical situation. Grocery packs, Solane LPG, and Noche Buena kits prepared by Chef Sau del Rosario were given to the families. Solane LPG has also installed different Christmas decorations in each of their homes.

One beneficiary of this project is Raymond Santos, a painter who is doing everything for his family. With Solane's initiative of meaningful Christmas celebrations, his family has felt the holiday spirit. 

The past few months have really challenged everyone, but having a grateful heart in this kind of situation is very important. Everyone should find it in their heart to be thankful that they made it to this season alive and well. 

LOOK: This Solane Christmas video will make you cry and smile 3

Christmas for some may be about how they celebrate it, but for most, it is about who they celebrate it with. Having your family by your side during occasions like these is what matters. Simple celebrations become important as long as families celebrate together. Festive and grand celebrations do not matter if you are not celebrating it with the right people. It is not about the gifts you get, but the people who stayed by your side throughout all the hardships.

At its core, Christmas should be about love for family.

LOOK: This Solane Christmas video will make you cry and smile 4

The current health state may have changed many things, but one thing remains the same – it is the love shared with family. Do not let the things that are happening around to harden your heart, instead let your family's genuine care and love give you hope that Christmas is still worth celebrating this year.


To know more about Solane and this Christmas initiative, visit its Facebook page.

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