Here's how you can win lifetime free gas


Posted at Dec 03 2020 02:13 PM | Updated as of Dec 04 2020 06:48 PM

Here's how you can win lifetime free gas 1

With the continuous trend of the current health situation, it is crucial to have a solid savings stash or an emergency fund ready. Saving money is hard — but it is not impossible when you make good financial decisions, no matter how big or small your salary may be. 

Having a big paycheck does not matter if one does not know how to spend it well and save smartly. Here are some tips to help you achieve your savings target.

Know how to budget

Manage your money wisely by having a set budget every month. Distribute your salary by first allocating funds for needs - like food, education, housing, transportation, and the like. In budgeting, it is important to remember that necessities should be prioritized over temporary wants and that you should always set aside a portion for your savings. If you are not used to saving, do not worry because it does not need to be a huge amount immediately. Start small and grow from there.

Track your expenses

Tracking expenses is a good way to know how much money one is spending monthly – it helps you identify where the bulk of your money goes. This helps you keep track if you are going over your specified budget and be aware of what part of your expenses needs to be cut down.

Make smart purchasing decisions

A credit card is a handy tool that brings convenience and many perks, however, in the wrong hands it can rack up plenty of bad debt. To avoid bad debt, one should put a cap on their credit card usage and only purchase things you can pay on time and in full when the billing comes. Remember that missing the deadline for your credit card payment means more fees and high-interest charges.

Make it a reminder to spend less than what you are earning. Do not end up spending the money that you do not even have.

Watch out for promos and sales

Apart from making smart money decisions, another way you can grow your savings is by being on the lookout for discounts and major sales instead of impulsively buying items when there is an option to get them at a lower price or, in rare cases, for free. 

One thing that may come for free is gas for motorists. Imagine never having to pay for something again.

Lifetime Free Gas Promo

Here's how you can win lifetime free gas 2

There will be three (3) grand winners for the Lifetime Free Gas Promo, one from Luzon, one from Visayas, and one from Mindanao. 

To qualify for the promo, the consumer must be 18 years old and above with a valid Philippine driver's license. Each customer will get one promo code for every minimum purchase of P500 worth of SEAOIL fuels and/or lubricant products (single or accumulated receipts).

To register and submit your promo code, customers have to proceed to the LFG Website or via SMS by texting REGISTER to 225-66-99.

Winners will be selected via raffle draw every 11th of the month for December 2020, January and February 2021. Announcement of winners will be done within 24 hours after the draw via SEAOIL's Facebook page.

Prizes can only be claimed by the person whose name is indicated in the raffle entry. Prizes are transferable and non-convertible to cash. Winners need to present the winning raffle promo, driver's license, and registered mail, email, or text message to claim their prizes.

Apart from winning a lifetime supply of gas, other prizes are also at stake. Any customer can be one of the three (3) winners of free gas for one year, 120 winners of PHP3,000 worth of SEAOIL Gift Cards
 and over 2 million pesos worth of instant prizes.

The Lifetime Free Gas Promo runs from November 9, 2020 to February 8, 2021.

SEOIL is a Filipino-owned petroleum company that aims to fuel Filipinos to recovery by bringing back its Lifetime Free Gas Promo on its 4th year. Following its previous success, the fuel company wants to continue this as a way of saying thank you to its loyal customers since the promo’s launch in 2017.

SEAOIL has also welcomed actress Bela Padilla as their new ambassador to help #FuelPHtoRecovery and connect more closely to a bigger audience.

This promo is just one of the company’s ways of giving motorists value for their hard-earned money and a way to build their saving. 

To know more about the promo, visit its website.​

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