How to effortlessly iron clothes

Issa Litton

Posted at Oct 29 2018 06:59 PM | Updated as of Oct 30 2018 11:33 AM

It's dress-up season! 

The closer we get to the holidays, gowns, cocktail dresses and suits are being laid out in preparation for get-togethers. 

Outfits with sequins, feathers, beading, embroidery, delicate lace, shiny satin and other unique fabrics will surely make an appearance in different styles, in all age groups.

Instead of stressing out on how to get our best outfits in great form for upcoming special occasions, whether you have time to prepare or pull something out last-minute, let steam do the work.

The Tefal Master Precision Garment Steamer removes creases and wrinkles from a wide variety of fabrics quickly without the effort of heavy lifting. 

It's so easy to use that you can iron with just one hand. It's got a 360-degree rotating hanger that lets you steam both sides of any garment with ease — including pants, slacks, and skirts, thanks to the integrated pant clips. 

It also has a foot-operated On-Off switch so it's easy on your back. You don't have to bend over. It is so versatile with its telescopic pile for easy height adjustment and it even has wheels for portable convenience.

You don't have to wait long to start steaming. With a quick heat up time, it's ready to use in 45 seconds. And just because it heats up quickly doesn't mean each steaming session ends quickly. It has a 2.5L water tank that gives you 80 minutes of use.

The best part is that it even gets rid of creases and wrinkles in hard-to-reach areas through the precision shot feature. The Tefal Master Precision Garment Steamer uses a new triangular metal head with a pointed tip for greater performance. That pointed tip is what allows it to have a precision shot at stubborn creases and tricky areas of the garment, effectively smoothening them out using the concentrated setting option. Meanwhile, the diffused steam setting addresses all varieties of clothing with the help of accessories like the fabric brush, steam bonnet and crease attachment.

The cherry on top is that it also addresses odors that's perfect for clothes that have been stuck in your closet for a long time, to get rid of "aparador" smells. It even helps sanitize clothes so it helps you save on dry-cleaning expenses. 

Whether you're in for an intensive steaming session or a last-minute touch-up, the Tefal Master Precision Garment Steamer will help you look your best whenever you need it in no time at all.

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