5 new normal car essentials


Posted at Oct 01 2021 08:30 AM

Photo source: Unsplash
Photo source: Unsplash

The current health situation has truly highlighted the importance of always taking extra precautions. One cannot be too paranoid these days, especially when it comes to you and your loved ones' safety. Driving your own vehicle is a privilege and helps in keeping one safe outdoors as it can limit your contact with other people. But driving in the new normal is not the same as before and there are new guidelines that car owners must be aware of. 

Check out these five car essentials that everyone who owns a vehicle should have on board. 

1. Extra face mask

Wearing face masks and face shields remains mandatory both indoors and outdoors. That is why it is prudent to always keep a few extra stocks of face masks, safely stored, inside your car just in case you forget to wear one on your way out. 

In the same way, it might also be a good idea to have a couple of face shields in your car. Not only will these allow you entry into public facilities, but these items are also there to help protect you as you work or run errands. 

2. Disinfectants

Good hand hygiene can do much to prevent the spread of the virus. Make it a habit to use car-safe sanitizers before and after leaving the car so you can lessen the chances of transferring disease-causing germs. Keep a bottle of disinfectant spray or wipes so you can clean high-touch areas like the steering wheel, gear shift, and door handles. 

Cleaning your car, especially the interior, is crucial during these times so be sure to do it regularly and properly. 

3. Navigational devices

During these times, the less time you spend on the road, the better. So having a device like a map or a navigation app can help you go to and from the place you are going to, so you do not have to spend unnecessary time exposed outdoors. 

Pre-plan your route to avoid heavy traffic. Be aware of any curfew or new restrictions in your city so you can plan your trip efficiently. 

Photo source: Unsplash
Photo source: Unsplash

4. Important papers and documents

Double-check if your car registration papers are safely tucked inside the vehicle as you never know when you might need to present proof of ownership or Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration. Keep a copy of your Certificate of Registration, Official Receipt, and insurance policy in your car at all times, and do not forget your Driver's License. If you pass through expressways frequently and have RFIDs installed, make sure the cards are inside the vehicle, too, as there can be times where the sensor does not work and you will need to present the RFID card. 

With the varying degrees of community quarantine, it is also safe to bring documents such as a quarantine pass, certificate of employment, company ID, or other papers required if you are an authorized person outside of residence (APOR). If you have been vaccinated, it may also be a good idea to bring your vaccination card. 

5. All-in-one car app

Having an all-in-one mobile app with all your car needs can also help ease the burden of car owners during these times. 

Last year, mobility company Toyota Motor Philippines launched a web platform called My Toyota PH designed to make owning and maintaining a Toyota easy and convenient for customers. This year, Toyota is taking things further with a new unified mobile app for Android and iOS with everything a current owner or aspiring Toyota owner may need – from buying a car and accessories to making service appointments and upgrading, all in one app. 

The myTOYOTA app provides car buyers and owners a convenient and hassle-free experience. Photo source: Toyota Motor Philippines Facebook page
The myTOYOTA app provides car buyers and owners a convenient and hassle-free experience. Photo source: Toyota Motor Philippines Facebook page

For those looking to purchase a Toyota car, the app is making it easy to do so by showing you the wide collection Toyota has to offer. It has a virtual showroom of all models available, accessories you might want to include, and the different promos and packages you can take advantage of. 

This mobile app contains everything car owners may need for their Toyota car in a simplified dashboard. Photo source: Toyota website
This mobile app contains everything car owners may need for their Toyota car in a simplified dashboard. Photo source: Toyota website

Meanwhile, current Toyota car owners will find a life made easy with the app as it brings together all important features in one dashboard. It comes with easy booking and reminders for all your service and maintenance needs, allows you to check repair status in your device, and keeps your insurance details within reach.

It even has roadside emergency assistance so you can call for help anytime you may need it, and a car trade-in function for when you are ready to inquire with your dealers regarding your next Toyota upgrade.

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The myTOYOTA app is a well-rounded digital tool that considers different needs for the entire customer lifecycle. With an all-in-one mobile app like this, car owners no longer need to worry about the little details that come with owning a car and can now focus and enjoy the important things in life.

To try a unified and elevated Toyota ownership experience, download the myTOYOTA app on the App Store , Google Play Store, or the Toyota website.

Check out Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and its website for regular updates on products and services, dealer operations, announcements, and events. For safely distanced viewing, you may check out your preferred Toyota model, inquire online, and choose your preferred dealership so they can help you with your product inquiry. 

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