How Reese Lansangan made her mark on the local music industry


Posted at Sep 19 2018 06:23 PM

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Not everyone can get a foot in the revolving door of the music industry. Knowing this, singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan does not take her growing popularity for granted.

Lansangan, best known for her head-bopping earworms, currently enjoys the support of almost 70,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 147,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Aside from performing before thousands of Filipinos during her string of local gigs, she has also brought her singing prowess to the international audiences in Singapore, New Zealand, and the United States.

Her most popular songs include the heart-melting "Exploration No. 5" and the catchy hit "Home."

With her sentimental and relatable music, she said she aims to stitch connections with other people.

"There are so many beautiful souls out there and I am privileged to have this platform so I could share myself, and in turn learn about others as well," she said.

More than a damsel with an angelic voice, she is a musical force who knows that the unwavering support she gets comes with great responsibility.

Aside from just becoming popular and selling records, she also wants to encourage others to find the courage to fuel their own burning passion for music.

"I feel a great responsibility in being one of many women in the local music scene, which is why I try to act with grace and lead with light," she said.

She added that she wishes others will take inspiration from the good things they see in her music.

"I want to be a testament of what's possible when you follow your heart and back it up with hard work and kindness. I do hope that I can help make dreams seem a possible reality to most," she said.

"We are all just humans capable of feeling deeply."

When that emotion is turned into art, it would be a beautiful thing, she said.

Lansangan wants to etch her mark in the music industry as an artist and as a woman living in her own terms without conforming to a certain look.

"I value my freedom in being able to express myself creatively," she said.

"I’m very proud to be able to turn my emotions into beautiful songs, but at the same time be able to represent a fraction of the people experiencing the same happiness, joy, confusion, turmoil, or sadness that I have expressed," she said.

Aside from her music, she expresses herself through her hair as well.

She has been coloring her hair for the past 8 years. Last year, she decided to sport a more subtle, natural color.

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

Jonathan Keh and Maika Anthoni

"My hair is definitely a blank canvas for my self-expression and it always has been since," she said.

"My identity has somehow been interwoven with my experimental hair colors."

With the different mixes of haircut and hair color she can do with her hair, she considers her mane as a "low risk but high pay off investment."

"You just want to take good care of it in the process of all that change," she said.

That is why it worried her when she noticed strands of hair pooling on the floor when she was working in her studio.

"I have to make time to sweep the floor every day, and sometimes it just disrupts my workflow," she said.

With her discovery of Dove's Hair Fall Range, which is formulated with nutrients to strengthen her hair, she doesn't anymore have to worry so much about hair fall.

"I'm granted the peace of mind because I can keep a clean workspace every day. That's the best part."
Living free from the interference of hair fall boosts Lansangan's confidence to share her music with the world.

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