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Posted at Aug 29 2023 10:59 AM | Updated as of Aug 29 2023 03:40 PM

Photo source: Cambridge Manila
Photo source: Cambridge

What happens when a woman is empowered? 

Positive changes happen at home, at work, in society and the world we live in. The power of a woman being supported, valued, and respected can drive economic growth and productivity. 
The journey to closing the gender gap is still a long way to go, but thanks to several companies that are doing their share in helping break the barriers. Among these companies is Cambridge University Press & Assessment's office in Manila, whose mission is to build a more diverse and represented organization.

Cambridge University Press & Assessment, which is a part of the prestigious University of Cambridge, delivers products and services that improve the lives of everyone.

Photo source: Cambridge Manila
Photo source: Cambridge

They create a culture of equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in their workplace where people can pursue their potential so much so that even outside of the workplace, they embody the mission and vision of Cambridge.

Photo source: Cambridge Manila
Photo source: Cambridge

Here are some of the activities and programs of Cambridge that empower women and make them feel they belong: 

1. Women in Technology

The group was formed to attract technology-talented women into the workplace and encourage them to excel in their chosen path. Cambridge’s office in Manila is considered the organization's tech hub, as more than half of the technology teams are based there.

2. Women in Manila

Established to build a community of support for women colleagues' well-being, leadership, and career planning. It also strengthens the community of women in Cambridge through network activities. Last March, they partnered with I Support The Girls to provide hygiene products to local communities

3. Mom's at Work-Lifeline

Juggling work and home responsibilities can be extremely draining for working moms. That is why the Women in Manila launched the Mom's at Work- Lifeline initiative to provide a safe space for working moms at Cambridge to connect and offer practical and emotional support systems for each other. 

4. Celebrating International Women's Month

Every March, Cambridge never misses the chance to celebrate International Women's Month across all 50 global offices. This year, they rolled out a series of programs and interactive activities to understand the power of self-care without guilt. There were global discussions about embracing equality and honoring women, and of course, to complete the relaxed self-care package, they organized nail spa sessions for women colleagues.

5. Gender Pay Gap

Cambridge hosted a gender pay gap session to start conversations around gender pay and find ways to continue to close the gap. One action is to advertise the pay range across all job levels of the organization for an equal, transparent, and fair opportunity for all. 

6. Flexible and hybrid working

Employees enjoy the benefits of flexible and hybrid working arrangements from day one to balance work and life demands. They have a sense of freedom to decide where, when, and how they work while ensuring to complete their tasks and responsibilities. This also helps them avoid time-consuming commutes and traffic-related stress. 

Photo source: Cambridge Manila
Photo source: Cambridge

Cambridge is certified a 'Great Place to Work'

Earlier this year, the Cambridge University Press & Assessment’s office in Manila was given the prestige of having the certification of Great Place to Work® which is a global expert in workplace culture. In a survey, 90% of their employees believed that the Cambridge office in Manila is certainly a great place to work, and there was overwhelmingly positive feedback that 98% of their employees feel they are treated fairly, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender.

And true to its core values, Cambridge allows common-law partners and same-gender partners to be enrolled as qualified dependents for their competitive HMO benefits.

Starting from humble beginnings with a small team of six in 2003 providing digital services and technical support, now, on its 20th anniversary, the number of employees has already grown to about 900 plus with expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Digital Publishing, and Customer Services.

To be part of Cambridge's growing community and to know more about them, visit their website and Facebook page.

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