3 safety tips in using your gas stove


Posted at Aug 14 2019 11:47 AM

3 safety tips in using your gas stove 1

Among all the cooking equipment in the market today, homeowners still choose gas stoves as their primary cooking partner because it is more energy-efficient, durable, and convenient. When properly installed and maintained, a gas stove is a relatively safe appliance. However, it pays to be cautious during its use to avoid injuries and potential risks.

So make sure you are equipped with these gas stove safety tips to ensure yours is a danger-free home, and that your safety and the safety of your family are ensured. 

1. Consider your cookware

Gas stoves are compatible with most types of cookware. However, to guarantee safety, the right size of the cookware must also be considered. When your gas stove is set to high, the flames should not extend up to the sides of the cookware where there is danger of reaching and burning your fingers. Using metal spoons to stir your cooking food may also result in burn injuries to your hand.

2. Check for clogs 

To prevent accidents, gas flames should never be left unattended. In case of delay in lighting up, turn the burner off and wait for a while before turning it on again. The recurrence of this interval may be caused by clogged burners and must be checked. Avoid and resolve this issue by keeping your burners clean and properly assembled all the time.

3. Cook with care

Eliminate the chance of knocking the cookware over and spilling food everywhere by holding its handle firmly, or instead, keeping it to the side. Use the back burner if the handles are protruding beyond the countertop so that small children cannot grab them and burn themselves with boiling hot food. Also, avoid using loose clothing or leaving dish towels near open flame because these can easily catch fire.

Gas stoves are truly a great appliance to have and as long as you take good care of them and follow safety precautions while cooking, you should be able to use them with no difficulty.

This is why Tecnogas, the legendary Italian brand, designed their Vortex Stoves with quality and safety in mind, therefore making them the perfect cooking partner in your kitchen. 

With their latest product offering to add to their line of top quality tabletop cookers, the 4-burner Vortex stove allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, making every food preparation effortless. 

Like with other Tecnogas Vortex Stoves, this new model is still manufactured with a full stainless steel body and the renowned Vortex Premium Brass Burners that are made with excellent materials that transmit heat efficiently and resist corrosion. The Direct Vortex Flame offers direct contact of the flame to your cookware, reduces cooking time, and also produces a Blue Flame for gas efficiency.

3 safety tips in using your gas stove 2

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