Pru Life UK's Pulse app promotes health management through a selfie

Pru Life UK

Posted at Jul 13 2020 09:14 AM

With smartphone cameras being so widely used to document just about everything, be it people's latest meals, picturesque views, or fun self-portraits, it is no surprise that it would also soon allow to keep the health in check. From assessing one's skin and vascular age, to examining breathing and stress levels, selfies can now be used around the world to analyze a person's health and fitness status.

Taking advantage of these innovations, Pru Life UK's Artificial Intelligence-powered health application called Pulse, showcases its ability to keep users updated about their health by simply taking a photograph of themselves with no filter required.

This free-for-download app lets users experience a new way of using selfies to improve their health management with two inventive features—Body Mass Index (BMI) Recorder and Wrinkle Mirror.

By taking a selfie in the BMI Recorder, users can determine their BMI classification—the results screen displays their BMI Index and indicates if they are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. Meanwhile, the Wrinkle Mirror traces a user's face and gives them an idea of their skin's condition based on the number of their visible wrinkles. The classification ranges from an individual having invisible wrinkles to shallow, moderate, or prominent wrinkles.

Both features allow a simple selfie to give users a quick assessment of their weight or skin health, all in the span of about 30 seconds.

Pulse also boasts of new features that people can enjoy as they go through their health journey. One is Wellness Goals & Habits, a feature designed by health experts to give users obtainable activities that they can follow daily. With enough earned badges, they can start their path toward these wellness goals: Healthy Eating, Move More, Shape Up your Body, Lose Weight, and Sleep Better.

Moreover, the My Communities feature leverages the power of communities to learn, share, and inspire. With this, users can join communities that aim to eat healthier, be active in the right way, shape their bodies, sleep well, and keep fit and healthy at home.

Pulse also has other helpful features including a Hospital Locator that helps users find the most accessible healthcare facility in their area, and Health Awareness Content which features health news and updates allowing users to stay informed and empowered to be healthier.

Aside from these, Healthcheck introduces users to a Digital Twin that gives a glimpse of how healthy their body's main organs are, while Symptom Checker guides them in better understanding their symptoms and directs them to seek advice from healthcare professionals if necessary.

Pulse's developments do not stop there as there are more innovations that users can look forward to such as telemedicine and localization features, and partnerships with healthcare providers, smart wearables, and health and wellness companies.

Pru Life UK is also offering a free disease protection and Personal Accident Insurance coverage which can be availed through Pulse until July 15, 2020. This aims to protect Filipinos and help them alleviate some health and financial concerns during this time of crisis.

Ensure your health anytime, anywhere with the convenience of your smartphone by downloading the Pulse app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

For more information about Pru Life UK, visit its official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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