Antibacterial soap brand shares plans towards a vision of a SAFE Philippines


Posted at Jul 03 2020 10:29 AM

Countermeasures by governments across the globe against international health and safety matters are steadily put in place to control further contamination and spread of diseases. But more are hard at work behind the scenes. For one, Safeguard, among the leading players in the public health industry, is keen on keeping individuals safe from diseases. This mission does not waver even during natural calamities and especially throughout the ongoing global health crisis.

As one of the trusted antibacterial soap brands for more than 54 years, Safeguard has consistently helped the nation even before the 'new normal.' It steps up during emergencies, having fought alongside Filipinos against SARS, H1N1, the polio outbreak, Asian flu, among others; and conducted disaster relief in the event of earthquakes, volcano eruptions such as the recent Taal eruption, and more.

With its complete portfolio covering sanitation, degerming, handwashing, bathing, and even beauty, Safeguard has demonstrated community support, making an impact on the health and safety of the Philippines. Just last year, 70,000 students benefitted from Safeguard-sponsored handwashing facilities in schools. Furthermore, Safeguard's efforts helped decrease hospital contamination in the Philippine General Hospital from 13.5% to 6.7% in the last three years.

Keeping frontliners SAFE

As the first cases of the current health crisis emerged in the Philippines, the antibacterial soap brand not only ensured a consistent supply of soaps and hand sanitizers amid staggering increases in demand but also took responsibility to support the community during this difficult time. When orders to stay at home started and just as hospitals began running out of soap, P&G Safeguard used its distribution network to help get soaps and other essentials to frontliners in less than 24 hours. By now, the brand has helped a total of 15,000 healthcare frontliners with donations of more than 100,000 bars and bottles of soap. Beyond this, Safeguard partnered with the Philippine Red Cross to create a BayaniHands Project to generate funds for more frontliners.

As many have learned during these uncertain times, one of the most important preventative measures is proper handwashing with soap. Now that the nation is beginning to reopen, many will be wondering how they can stay safe even outside their homes. This is where Safeguard reinforces once again with its ambition towards a vision of a SAFE Philippines to ensure that the country is safe from germs and free from worries.

SAFE Partnerships

Working in close partnership with local institutions such as the Philippine Red Cross, Safeguard is proud to announce that it is persistently creating SAFE partnerships – collaborations with a wide range of public and private spaces to enable widespread handwashing – to achieve its ambition.

Raffy Fajardo, Managing Director of P&G Philippines says, ''Safeguard's mission has always been to help Filipinos keep themselves and their loved ones safe. This is more critical now than ever before. As the country reopens, I am proud to share that Safeguard is stepping up with meaningful partnerships to work towards keeping the Philippines SAFE.''

The first of these exciting partnerships is with nationwide malls, ensuring that as the establishments reopen, consumer safety is at the forefront and effective handwashing facilities are readily available. Access to Safeguard hand soap and proper handwashing guidelines will be rolled out, helping the community adapt to a SAFE 'new normal.'

As Safeguard assists the nation in gradually getting back to the customary, more active participation from willing individuals and institutions is encouraged. The ambition for a SAFE Philippines is a long-drawn-out process, but with more reinforcements being employed.

Find out more about Safeguard's SAFE Philippines mission by sending an inquiry on Safeguard's Facebook page. To partner with Safeguard, visit their website at for more details.

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