Experience 5G and level up your VR game


Posted at Jun 14 2021 02:54 PM

Experience 5G and level up your VR game 1
Photo source: Pexels

Adapt and innovate. These are the guiding rules industries across all sectors need to live by in order to survive and thrive. 

As people continue navigating the rules of the new normal, the incessant need for a reliable and accessible internet connection becomes a necessity instead of a luxury. Seeing gaps in the market, a new digital brand offers its innovations to serve more Filipinos.

GOMO is a fully digital telco brand that aims to provide both simplicity and convenience to the telco world. The digital youth and digital-savvy users can have a unique digital experience with its 3 game-changing features:

It provides all connectivity needs in an all-in-one app

As a fully digital telco, the brand operates purely online and with no physical store. To make it simple and easy to use, GOMO is providing all connectivity needs in an all-in-one mobile app.

This app allows users to buy data, track data, and get help with data.

The GOMO PH app can be downloaded via the App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

It offers large data allocations that never expire

The brand is known for offering large data allocations with no expiry such as 30GB for P299. It also has several calls, text, and data bundles available on the shop, all without expiration dates. 

It lets you do more with your data

Apart from not having to worry about your data's expiration date, you can also transform your data into calls and texts through 'Mo Creds.

Users who use their data as 'Mo Creds can avail of all-net call and text offers for as low as 0.2GB. What is also exciting is that using 'Mo Creds is completely free and has no limits, users only need a sufficient data balance to convert their data into calls and texts.

Experience 5G and level up your VR game 2
Not only is this VR Cardboard made from sustainable materials, it can also work on both Android and Apple devices. Photo source: GOMO

As GOMO continues to innovate, it is offering a virtual reality experience through its VR Cardboard.

The VR Cardboard is powered by GOMO's 5G capability. This allows users to enjoy Virtual Reality content, such as escape rooms and mystery adventures, with just their smartphones. 

Priced at P288, the brand wishes to bridge its users closer to the experiences they may have missed because of the current health situation, all without having to step a foot outside their home. 

You can try any of the VR experiences available on the Virtual Reality YouTube Channel such as going on a tour with beautiful sceneries and cityscapes and pick either a VR game or one from the thrill-seekers collection.

You can even try your hand at solving a summer house party mystery.

Experience 5G and level up your VR game 3
Users can avail of the GOMO VR Cardboard through leading e-commerce platforms for P288. Photo source: GOMO Facebook

Consumers will be relieved to know that the VR Cardboard is made from sustainable materials and can work on both Android and Apple devices.

To purchase a GOMO VR Cardboard, customers only need to visit the GOMO website or the GOMO PH app. It is also available via its Shopee and Lazada Store.

To know more promos and deals, visit its website or its Facebook page.

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