What Judy Ann looks for in food and milk for her kids


Posted at May 10 2021 02:17 PM | Updated as of May 11 2021 07:24 AM

It is a fact that the formative years of children are crucial as it lays the foundation of how they grow up later on. From the activities they do to the amount of learning they are given, parents are careful to ensure that children receive what is best for them. One important aspect of a child's growth is the nutrition he or she receives and that is why parents should pay extra attention to the food and milk they give their children. 

As a mother of three and the star of her own YouTube cooking show, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo knows the vital role nutrition plays in raising her children.

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PHOTO COURTESY: @OfficialJuday on Instagram

When it comes to selecting what types of food and drink she gives her children, Santos admits that while there are no set criteria, they challenge their kids to taste different kinds of food so that they can appreciate different flavors and understand the nutrients that they will be getting by trying different things. 

''As much as possible I try to give our kids balanced meals,'' shares Santos. ''Luna loves her sweets so much that is why it is very important to give her the proper nutrition that her body really needs.''

Vegetables are a mainstay in every meal as they are great sources of many nutrients such as potassium, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin C. 

Another nutritious food item that Santos always makes sure to include in her children's daily diet is milk. 

''Each child is different when it comes to the nutrients that they need. Milk plays a very big part in our kid's nutrition most especially Luna,'' Santos says. She also adds that all three of their kids love drinking milk as they know and understand the benefits that they will be getting from it. Luna even drinks milk at least five times a day.

What Judy Ann looks for in food and milk for her kids 2
PHOTO COURTESY: @OfficialJuday on Instagram

So when it comes to selecting what milk to give, Santos only picks the one that she believes will give her youngest daughter all the nutrients that her body needs, and would be able to make her tummy stronger for better immunity.

''It is always better to ask your doctors what is the best fit for your child. In my case as a mom, I always choose the milk that would benefit my child's health and immunity especially in today's situation,'' she adds. ''We have to make our children's gut stronger. It gives us moms peace of mind.''

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Out of all the milk brands in the market, Santos has found the brand that fits everything she is looking for in NESTOGROW.

Made by Nestlé, one of the leading multinational food and drink corporations in the world, NESTOGROW is age-appropriate milk with COMFORTIS Grow.

COMFORTIS Grow is a unique combination of L. Comfortis probiotic and 100% lactose that will help the child's digestion and promote a healthy gut environment; important nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc, DHA, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron that help support growth and development; and Lipo-Activ Special Fat Blend that provides essential fatty acids that aids in the absorption of calcium for stronger bones and proper body functioning.

''What I love about NESTOGROW is it has the complete nutrients that a child needs. It also makes the gut stronger, so my child can better absorb all the nutrients that her body needs,'' Santos said. 

NESTOGROW aims to help children grow happy with Kumpletong NutriTiyan – healthy tummy and strong immunity. With its competitive pricing and value for money, any child can receive complete nutrition.

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A child's happiness relies heavily on their health and proper development. To help your child grow healthy and happy, be selective in the food and milk you give them and be sure that they are receiving the right and complete nutrition for their future wellbeing. 

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