Which coffee drink should you have today?


Posted at Mar 16 2021 08:32 AM

Drinking coffee has become an important aspect of many people's daily routine, especially for those who want to have a productive morning. Coffee tends to give drinkers the extra push they need to get through the challenges of the day and shrug off any sleepiness left.

Before the current health situation, most people get their coffee at their favorite local café, but the situation has pushed many to settle for homemade coffee drinks. 

If you are looking for coffee that tastes just like your favorite blends, you can now have it at the comfort of your own home and recreate your favorite café drinks with NESCAFÉ Gold, made with golden roasted arabica beans just like the ones you get from a café.

Here are the different café style coffee drinks you can make with NESCAFÉ Gold.


Which coffee drink should you have today? 1
Watch Cappuccino recipe here.

If you are someone who loves to be a little bit extra or adds a personal touch to everything you do, a cappuccino might be the best coffee drink for you.
A traditional cappuccino is sprinkled with chocolate powder on top to give drinkers that warm cozy touch, especially perfect during rainy days.

Caramel Macchiato

Which coffee drink should you have today? 2
Watch Caramel Macchiato recipe here.

Caramel Macchiato is one of the favorite go-to drinks of many. Give this recipe a try if you are one of your friends' go-to person, someone who they spend time randomly talking and confiding their innermost thoughts to. 

Maybe you two can share a cup of caramel macchiato on your next chatting session.

Spanish Latte

Which coffee drink should you have today? 3
Watch Spanish Latte recipe here.

The Spanish latte might just be your new favorite coffee drink. 

This is for everyone who wants their drink to be just a little sweeter than an unsweetened latte. This recipe is sweetened with a condensed milk. So, if you like to spread sweetness, this is your choice of drink.

Coffee Ice Cubes with Milk

Which coffee drink should you have today? 4
Watch Coffee Ice Cubes with Milk recipe.

For coffee drinkers who like to have a little fun, this recipe is made for you. Experience two temperatures blending as you take each sip. 

This is also an interesting drink to prepare as you can mix and match some of the ingredients.


Which coffee drink should you have today? 5
Watch Americano recipe here.

This drink fits people who are not so fond of sweet drinks. This simple recipe is perfect for everyone who does not want to spend a lot of time making coffee. This coffee drink is for everyone who wants to indulge in a good cup of coffee no matter what time of the day. 

Coffee Tonic

Which coffee drink should you have today? 6
Watch Coffee Tonic recipe here.

If you are feeling a little extra or likes to exert extra effort, this one is for you. This is a bit complicated to do, but it is worth the effort as it can give you the feeling of refreshment with just a sip.

Salted Caramel Frappe

Which coffee drink should you have today? 7
Watch Salted Caramel Frappe recipe here .

The salty flavor is not always associated with coffee or cold drinks in general, but it does tend to add another layer of depth to any mixture. An adventurous person who loves to try new things might want to give the salted caramel frappe a try.


Which coffee drink should you have today? 8
Watch Dalgona recipe here.

Are you a coffee lover who likes to join the trends? If yes, then this drink is made for you. This candied coffee recipe originated in Korea, and became viral because of how simple it is to make. 

This dessert coffee is perfect to enjoy while watching your favorite Korean series. Share this drink with someone you love today.

White Chocolate Mocha

Which coffee drink should you have today? 9
Watch White Chocolate Mocha recipe here.

It is time to satisfy your white chocolate cravings by following this recipe. Coffee drinkers who never skip desserts will enjoy this recipe as white chocolate mocha is great as a dessert coffee.

This drink gives a sweet, creamy flavor with every sip. If you are not into white chocolates, this recipe also goes well with dark chocolate.

Flat White

Which coffee drink should you have today? 10
Watch Flat White recipe here .

This coffee drink is for people who just want to enjoy a cup of coffee any time of the day. The flat white gives its drinkers the balanced texture and flavor that most people are looking for in a coffee cup.

This drink is less foamy than a cappuccino and less milky than a latte.

Whether you just want to indulge in a good cup of coffee or need a caffeine boost to keep you alert and focused for work, these coffee recipes will match whatever cravings you have for the day without having to go to a café.

For more coffee recipes, visit NESCAFÉ Gold's YouTube channel.

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