3 ways to start boosting your immunity


Posted at Jan 21 2022 08:00 AM

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Photo source: Pexels

Every day is a constant battle against an unseen enemy, and in this daily fight for survival, those who take extra measures to level up their defenses win. 

But are you strong enough to do so?

At a time when it is unavoidable for people to feel anxious and stressed over the smallest signs of sickness, be proactive by taking steps to boost your body's defenses.

Medical research emphasizes the importance of having a strong immune system. That is because the immune system works as the body's innate first layer of defense, with the capability to fight off harmful pathogens and toxins before they can damage the body. 

So instead of obsessing over a cold, why not choose to aid your immunity so it can work better to protect yourself from severe illnesses. 

Here are some suggestions on where to start. 

1. Choose an overall change

To know how to boost the immune system, you first need to understand what weakens it. 

A study explains that people's bodies generally have a natural ability to fight off sickness, however, a person's lifestyle that contains lack of sleep and exercise, unhealthy eating, overwork, too much stress or unstable mental health, and even those with underlying medical conditions, may be prone to getting sick and having a weaker immune system compared to those who are generally healthy.

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Photo source: Shutterstock 

That is why everyone should do their best to form a habit of a healthy lifestyle. Eat more fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated, get enough rest, exercise for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, and take better care of your mental health by making sure to include a time for relaxation, meditation, or maybe even a yoga session.

A change in a person's lifestyle can significantly help improve the body's immune system.

If you are unsure of what you should eat in every meal it is ideal to follow the recommendation of the Department of Health (DOH) and the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) to the use of the "Pinggang Pinoy" as a guide. One regular sized plate should have 33% carbohydrates such as rice or sweet potato, 33% vegetables, 17% meat which can be compared to the size of a matchbox, and 17% fruit and a glass of water.

2. Have fun under the sun

Receiving an adequate amount of sunlight helps boost the body's ability to produce Vitamin D, which is needed to regulate metabolism, neuromuscular functions, and immune system functioning. So going out in the sun is an essential assignment if you want to help boost your body's natural defenses. Try to catch the early morning sunlight for a few minutes, especially if you are working from home or if staying inside an office building the whole day. 

A study also reveals that working out under the sun can even help promote mental health and reduce stress.

3. Enhance your body's nutrition

The right amount of nutrition is needed for all cells to function optimally and this includes the cells in the immune system. Vitamin C and Zinc play an important role in this. 

Vitamin C cannot be internally synthesized by people, unlike most animals, that is why it is essential that the food and supplements you take can help provide the body's daily requirement of Vitamin C. 

Meanwhile, Zinc is responsible for the body's sense of taste and smell. It also helps the immune system produce proteins and DNA, and fight off pathogens.

A combination of these two vitamins can be found in Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc (ImmunPro) by Unilab. 

Unilab has been providing healthcare for decades, helping make sure that everyone has access to quality medicine that works for their needs. Due to the growing demand of Filipinos for additional protection against sickness, the healthcare company has launched Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc (ImmunPro).


Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc (ImmunPro) contains 500 mg of Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) and 10 mg of elemental Zinc. The vitamin supplement uses the ZincPlus® Tablet Technology which helps provide the needed dosage of Vitamin C and Zinc for an increased body resistance and enhanced immune system, when paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Regular intake of vitamins like these paired with the right nutrition and an improved lifestyle can do much to help boost your body's defense against disease-causing viruses that may be lurking around. So instead of needless worry, take a proactive measure today to protect you and your loved ones' well-being. 

To know more about Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc (ImmunPro), visit its website and Facebook page . Remember to only purchase medicine and supplements from trusted drugstores and retailers.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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