What's delaying Duterte's next 'narco-list'?

Henry Atuelan, DZMM

Posted at Oct 04 2016 06:56 PM

MANILA - Disagreements among law enforcement agencies have delayed the unveiling of President Rodrigo's Duterte’s third list of individuals with alleged drug links, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa confirmed Tuesday.

According to Dela Rosa, the PNP, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have conflicting information on some of the 1,000 individuals identified in the list.

For instance, the PNP would confirm that a certain individual was on their watch list, only to have the PDEA or NBI naming him as a government asset, the top cop said.

"Nagbabanggaan iyung source. Iyung iba, bina-validate niya, iyung iba ini-invalidate [The sources are clashing. Some are validated, others are invalidated]," he said.

But Dela Rosa also underscored that such inconsistencies are only typical of intelligence community’s vetting process, which aims to ensure that Duterte’s “narco-list” is airtight.

"That's normal. Mechanics iyan ng intel community, nagbabanggaan not for any reasons kundi fluid iyung situation ng environment," he said. [That's normal. That's the mechanics of the intel community, they clash not any reasons other than the fluid situation of the environment.]

Law enforcement agencies, he added, are united in carrying out the President’s crackdown on illegal drugs.

Duterte’s first drug list in July named five top police officials allegedly involved in the protection of drug rings.

In August, the President bared another list of 159 alleged drug coddlers from the law agencies, and the executive and judiciary branches.

But last September 27, Duterte on apologized over the inclusion of several personalities in his controversial drug matrix, and cleared some of those he earlier tagged as officials linked to the drug trade.