Stamina or slow internet? PH leads PornHub category


Posted at Jan 08 2016 11:11 PM

MANILA - The Philippines may not be the most porn-obsessed country in the world (ranking just 16th worldwide), but Filipinos did dominate one category among the data released by PornHub. 

According to the pornographic video sharing website, the Philippines took the top spot when it came to "stamina," meaning that Filipinos spent the longest average time on the site at 12 minutes and 45 seconds. 

Pop culture news site Complex, in its analysis of the data provided by PornHub, praised the Philippines for the "enviable stamina of viewers" in the country.

"America, as one can clearly see in the meticulously crafted chart above, isn't placing first when it comes to pacing one's porn consumption experience. Bummer," wrote Complex's Trace William Cowen. 

Then again, the Philippines' top spot may just be due to the country's slow internet connection. (READ: Philippine internet speed: So slow and so far behind)