Rita Avila to release new books for kids, parents


Posted at Sep 14 2017 12:40 PM


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MANILA – Actress Rita Avila has returned to writing and will soon release books both for children and their parents.

One of these is the third part of her book series, “The Invisible Wings,” which is published by the religious book store St. Paul’s.

“The characters [in the book] are actually my three dolls – Popoy, Mimay, and Pony. They want to be angels on Earth. They want to do good things every day for the love of God, so this book series teaches values to kids,” Avila said in an interview with the entertainment website Push.

“The three characters have speech defects. That’s to inspire children who can’t talk… to inspire them that despite their speech defect, they can do something for the love of God,” added the actress, who gets inspiration from the parenting experience of her friends. 

The three other books by Avila will be published by Mindmaster and are targeted at parents and guardians. 

“What I want is for adults to avoid wounding the characters of the children. Kaya parang ‘yung three topics ng books ko are about how to guide the children if they don’t seem to fit the norm of society,” she explained. 

Avila sent Pope Francis a copy of “Invisible Wings” last year. The Pope thanked her through a letter from Monsignor Peter B. Wells, an official of the Vatican Secretariat of State.