WATCH: Japanese comedians leave ‘It's Showtime’ viewers in fits of laughter


Posted at Sep 16 2017 07:53 PM

They've been living in the country for more than a year. 

And it seems three Japanese comedians have been been taking notes about local culture, turning them into skits that had the viewers of Saturday's "It's Showtime" in fits of laughter. 

HPN3 is a group made up of Kazuo Inoue and Horikkoshi Yuuki, known in Japan as the Golden Age duo, and Kazuki Tanaka, a comedian for 10 years. 

They cracked up the audience with their joke about getting lost in Manila, poking fun at Filipinos' tendency to somewhat refer to sari-sari stores as markers. 

Donning traditional Japanese outfits, they also took to the stage a handful of skits about a woman being saved by an incompetent samurai. 

The trio was part of an "It's Showtime" segment dedicated to comedians. 

By the end, they earned the most votes from the audience, moving on to the semis of the competition along with Korte Supremo, who got the second highest number of votes from Saturday's contestants.