WATCH: William Moseley talks about ‘A Little Mermaid’ movie


Posted at Mar 27 2017 06:55 PM | Updated as of Sep 26 2017 03:01 PM

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English actor William Moseley talks about working on the live-action adaptation of "A Little Mermaid,"inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

In the film, Moseley plays a reporter who meets and follows the story of a mermaid in the hopes that the mermaid could help cure his sickly daughter.

“It obviously is not on the budget size of the Disney adaptation that they were going to make. It’s a small film but it has a lot of heart,” he said.

The 29-year-old actor is best known for his roles as Peter Pevensie in the film series "The Chronicles of Narnia" and Prince Liam in the E! original series "The Royals."

Moseley joins ANC's "Early Edition" and shares his acting experience in "A Little Mermaid." -- ANC Early Edition March 27 2017