Osmeña serves love advice to niece: Someone who makes you skip pizza is 'not the one'


Posted at Jan 08 2019 06:25 PM

MANILA - Someone who makes you skip eating pizza is not "the one."

That's according to former senator Sergio 'Serge' Osmeña III, who believes the "only love triangle that is acceptable is a pizza slice."


In a Facebook video posted by his wife on Sunday, Osmeña could be seen giving advice to his niece on her romantic relationship as the family shared pizza. 

She was the last to come to the table, appearing down. Osmeña surmised it might be that she did not like the flavor of the pizza they ordered. 

"Bakit ka (inaudible) sa kuwarto? Ayaw mo ba kumain ng pizza?"

(Why are you (inaudible) in your room? Don't you want to eat pizza?)

The niece was apparently going through issues with her boyfriend, who she thinks has another girl. 

When his wife Bettina asked if she had broken up with her boyfriend, the latter replied: "Not yet." 

At that point, Osmeña gave his two cents. 

"Hiwalayan mo na (Break up with him)," he said. 

His niece retorted: "Parang ang dali naman (You make it seem so easy)."

"Well remember this, a guy who makes you skip pizza is not the one," Osmeña said. 

She still replied: "But he's nice naman po."

But Osmeña was assertive in his advice. 

"A nice guy will not make you cry, break mo na (break up with him)."

His niece still chimed in: "It's not that easy." 

"I know it’s not easy but when you learn to let go, better things happen. Trust me, I know this. I’m wiser," he added.

"And older," his wife Bettina quipped.

Osmeña also likened a person with a pizza, which he said you don't reject just because of a topping you don't like.

"But you see, if you love pizza, if you love the guy, you have to take him as he is (and) then adjust. Don’t try to change him kasi (because) he’s a pizza, he’s supposed to be a lot of things. Kung ayaw mo pala lahat sa kaniya, bakit mo inorder (If you didn't like everything about him, why did you order)?" he said.

The video has since garnered more than 18,000 reactions and 21,000 shares.