Filipina scientist discovers world's largest caldera on Benham Rise


Posted at Oct 21 2019 09:27 PM

MANILA - A Filipina scientist recently published a research on what could possibly be the largest caldera in the world.

Jenny Anne Barretto, a New Zealand-based marine geophysicist, described the existence of the Apolaki Caldera within the Benham Rise.

In her paper entitled "Benham Rise unveiled: Morphology and structure of an Eocene large igneous province in the West Philippine Basin," Barretto described Benham Rise as "an oceanic large igneous province at the western margin of the Philippine Sea."

The Apolaki Caldera has a diameter of about 150 kilometers, which is more than twice the size of Yellowstone, one of the world's largest calderas.

"The crest of the rise has the morphology of a caldera with a diameter of ~150 km," the abstract read.

A caldera is a large, special form of volcanic crater formed by the collapse of a volcano into itself.


Apolaki, meaning "giant lord," is the Filipino mythical god of the sun and war.

The article became available online on "Marine Geology" on October 20.