Manila Wrestling Federation pits Jake De Leon, Fabio Makisig in 'wrestling Noche Buena'


Posted at Dec 07 2022 11:50 PM

MWF champion Jake De Leon and challenger Fabio Makisig. Handout photo
MWF champion Jake De Leon and challenger Fabio Makisig. Handout photo

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF), the country's premier wrestling entertainment brand, will be pitting two of Pinoy wrestling’s pioneers one-on-one for the first time ever to give local fans a treat these holidays.

Pinoy wrestling champion Jake De Leon will be meeting MWF’s folk hero Fabio Makisig in a Christmas special titled “MWF: Noche Buena 2022” on Sunday at PETA Theater Center in Quezon City.

This highly anticipated match is a Christmas gift for Pinoy wrestling fans who have been following the burgeoning scene for nearly a decade, placing them right in the middle of the crossroads of the country’s wrestling history – as a clash between the top stars of the MWF and the now-defunct Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR).

Dubbed as “Mr. Philippine Wrestling," De Leon has carried the Pinoy wrestling brand all over Southeast Asia since its formation in 2013 as one of PWR’s pioneers – competing in high profile bouts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as in mainland China in 2019 as a
participant of the WWE tryouts. 

In 2022, he joined the MWF roster, capturing the MWF Pinoy Wrestling Championship in September.

Fabio Makisig, who was among the very few who built the MWF locally from the ground up, already made two attempts to grab the MWF Pinoy Wrestling Championship. He intends to ultimately prove his worth at this year’s Noche Buena by winning the top title.

Noche Buena 2022 will also be graced by MWF’s quirky, colorful, and diverse cast of fighters, led by former MWF Champion Robin Sane, Malaysia Pro Wrestling Wrestlecon Champion Crystal, SETUP Thailand Undisputed 24/7 Champion Bro. Jomar Liwanag, and Filipino international wrestler Ken

MWF is also proud to feature the next generation of Pinoy wrestlers, including Chelsea Marie, the first transwoman wrestler in Southeast Asia; the controversial “conyo” Migs Valdez; and “Ang Angas ng Cavite” Danny Zamora, as well as other MWF aspirants looking to fill a roster filled with entertaining performers like Razael, Dabid Ravena, St. John Martin, Ken Cifer and Kanto “Kilabot” Terror.