Doug Kramer urges PBA to add 2D Echo in mandatory check-ups


Posted at Nov 25 2016 02:43 PM

Doug Kramer urges PBA to add 2D Echo in mandatory check-ups 1
Photo from Doug Kramer's Instagram account

MANILA – After suffering a mild stroke a month ago, Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Doug Kramer has called on the league to include Two-Dimensional Echocardiography (2D Echo) in the players’ annual medical check-ups.

Kramer, who was hospitalized for almost a week after his attending physicians found a tiny congenital hole in his heart which caused a clot, hopes that putting 2D Echo as a requirement for his fellow cagers and athletes will save lives.

“With that test, you'll be able to see any enlargement or most complications in the heart. It can definitely save a person's life once you've found out early,” Kramer posted on his Instagram account.

The Phoenix Fuel Master player also believes that the PBA under the leadership of Commissioner Chito Narvasa has already made some steps in adding the test to the league’s future annual medical checkups.

“So, I truly hope it'll all push through and have all the support of the PBA teams and players to secure our future, not just for basketball but being able to spend more time in staying healthy for our families,” said Kramer, who stressed that PBA has the players’ best interest.

In his Instagram account, Kramer also opened up about suffering a mild stroke, baring that he felt extreme dizziness on October 10 after doing an exercise at home.

Kramer said that doctors advised him to rest for three to six months before returning to basketball again. Currently, he is allowed to do some cardio through biking and light core work.

“Doctors have said I've improved very fast and that I should expect the very best results,” Kramer added.

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