Mobile Legends: Nexplay EVOS winless in MPL; Onic win streak climbs to 3


Posted at Sep 04 2021 12:05 AM

Nexplay EVOS winless in MPL as Onic wins 3 straight

MANILA - Onic Esports bring their win streak to 3 after trampling a struggling Nexplay EVOS squad in 2 sets. 

It was a one-sided Game 1 for Onic Esports as they ended it with an 11.8k gold lead and with all but one of Nexplay's turrents left. 

Nexplay had the upper hand in the early to mid-game of Game 2, having already busted 6 of Onic's turrets. 

But a skirmish win in the 13th minute mark gave Onic some signs of life, allowing them to catch up and take down 8 of Nexplay's turrets. Taking the Lord at around the 20-minute mark sealed the deal for Onic as it earned an added boost before destroying Nexplay's base and taking the win. 

MSmart Omega Esports, meanwhile, banked on their signature late-game grind to sweep MPL rookies RSG PH in the last game for the day, 2-0. 

Smart Omega gained momentum from a Lord take 26 minutes in to take the thirty-minute long Game 1. 

RSG was poised to win in the early stages of Game 2, even taking down 4 of Smart Omega's players around the Lord area and dealt damage on their mid inhibitor turret, in an attempt to stop Smart Omega from gaining further late-game advantages. 

But a Lord take for Smart Omega gave the squad enough boost to secure the series.