MPL Season 9: Kevier makes presence felt as Blacklist takes first season win over Bren

Angela Coloma, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 05 2022 06:47 PM

MANILA - Rookie Blacklist International jungler Kent Xavier "Kevier" Lopez made his presence felt in the world champions' first win in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 9 after turning back Bren Esports in an emphatic 2-0 sweep. 

Bren Esports had the upper hand in the early parts of Game 1 as Vincent "Joy Boy" De Guzman made sure to clamp down on Blacklist with his Ruby. 

But early-game exploits by Kevier, and his mobility in securing objectives, particularly in the 17th minute when they took down the lord, allowed Blacklist to take control of the set. 

Kevier earned the MVP recognition behind a 4/0/7 kill-death assist tally in Game 1. 

The lengthy game 2 match was more in favor of Blacklist in the early game. But Joy Boy's Chou tried to poke the world champions around. 

Edward "EDWARD" Jay Dapadap's got tanky enough to soak up all of Bren Esports' damage, and the damage output of Oheb's Beatrix, Kevier's Roger, and Hadji's Pharsa dispersed Bren's heroes before they could even start team fights. 

In the 24th minute, Blacklist took down Angelo Kyle "Phewww" Arcangel, leaving Bren to just 4 players for over a minute. 

This allowed Blacklist room to storm down Bren's base to secure the win. 

EDWARD earned the MVP accolade in Game 2, behind a 2/2/11 KDA record anchored on zoning out Bren's players. 

With the results, Bren took solo spot of the last place with a 0-4 record.