San Juan, La Union surfing capital of the North


Posted at Apr 11 2008 06:13 PM | Updated as of Apr 12 2008 02:13 AM

San Juan, La Union surfing capital of the North 1 The town of San Juan, La Union has fast become the surfing capital of Northern Luzon

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To many, summer just means hitting the beaches and enjoying the sun.

For others, however, it means embarking new adventures, like trying a new sport such as surfing.

In La Union province in northern Luzon, the town of San Juan is fast becoming the surfing capital this side of the Philippines.

Its big and sparkling waves, availability of resorts, and warm people -- these are factors that have made San Juan earn the title of surfing capital of the North.

Every year, hundreds of tourists, many of them surfers, come to visit San Juan, which is a mere five-hour drive from Manila.

World Surf Cup

The San Juan Surf Association gives summer a new twist every year with its exciting World Surf Cup.

"Different competitors from different countries are expected. We have different categories such as long board and short board," Japanese surfer Aki Kazuo Akinaga explained.

He added the competition also promotes camaraderie and friendship among the different surfers.

Everyone can be a part of the summer activity. In fact, home trainors from the association offer affordable surf lessons to students.

Non-surfing events

San Juan, La Union surfing capital of the North 2

But if you're not into surfing and just want to enjoy the shore, beach concerts and other non-surfing events are the best for you.

San Juan also has these activities during the year.

One of these is the first ever "Pinoy Classic Rock Concert", where 24 bands from the '60s and '70s performed non-stop.

"It started when I made the Web site [in 2002]... All the musicians all over the world communicated and knew the event," Ben Yanto, founder of the Pinoy Classic Rock Web site, said.

Bands who performed in this year's concert were the Hotdogs, Aftermath and St. Charlie's.

Some of the band members were happy to see each other after years of separation due to different career paths.

"We're very glad we have this kind of reunion", Charle delos Santos of St. Charlie's said.

Concert organizer Cedric Sonny Panis said the event not only serves as reunion for the bands, but it also gives inspiration to the youth to love classic rock.

For long-time resident Dr. Bert Tuason, those who organized the concert should go on and continue the tradition.

"They have to continue what they have started," Tuason advised music lovers.