Asia Agcoaili living, loving life in Amsterdam

by Rose Eclarinal, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau, London

Posted at Jan 12 2010 12:10 PM | Updated as of Jan 13 2010 04:17 AM

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - She packed her bags and flew to the Netherlands in 2007 to join her Dutch boyfriend. But that did not mean she was throwing in the towel and saying goodbye to showbiz.
Two years later, happily married and with a bundle of joy called baby Xander, former Viva Hot Babe Asia Agcaoili, who is also known to many as showbiz’s sex guru, faced the camera again to be part of Juan n EU, a ‘TFC special’ aired on ABS-CBN News Channel on December 28.

In the program, Agcaoili gave a tour of Amsterdam with her insight into the city. She also bared herself in an exclusive interview.

“I wouldn’t say goodbye. I just rested a bit. I’m just ever evolving. Now that I have a baby, I will continue evolving. A lot of people get held back because they are so concerned with what other people will say. Yun nga ang sinasabi ko, do what you want. You only live once,” said Agcaoili.

‘I’m probably in the right country’

Amsterdam attracts millions of visitors each year and museums are amongst the main tourist attractions. Giving a unique tour of one of the most popular cities in Europe, Agcaoili made sure the viewers get to see the Sex Museum, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and the Red Light District.

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and it is mainly concentrated in the Red Light District. Agcaoili said this famous tourist destination in Amsterdam, where women of different sizes and colors parade their wares inside their rented glass windows, amuses her to this day.
“Amsterdam is really a city of contradiction. Dito Red Light district, dun sa kabila punong-puno ng coffee shop. Dun naman sa ibang street makikita mo may church, then may university. Halu-halo sila kaya nga tuwang-tuwa ako dito kasi it’s very, very diverse. You can do whatever you want. Plus, yung museums nagkalat din siya, parang kabute,” she said.

“I love things that surprise me and those that are even wilder than my views. I’m probably in the right country,” she added.
Hitched, finally

But part of the reason why Agcaoili is probably "in the right country" is her lifetime commitment to husband Bramje Osten Van Der Kolk. The day before they tied the knot on September 9, 2009 she told ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau that she was thrilled and happy to find the right person for her.

Even with her hot and bawdy image, she said she can be loyal: “Kahit ganito ako, at times I can be flirty, I can say that I can be loyal. Actually, I am a very loyal person.”

She also paid tribute to the father her son. “We have a baby. He has seen the best and the worst of me and he is still there,” she mused.  

The wedding was intimate as planned, with only family and closest friends in attendance. It was also emotional not just for the couple but for those who loved them most.

After the civil rite that started at 9 o’clock in the morning, the couple and the entourage moved to the church via a boat cruise. A reception followed after the church ceremony and a private party, Amsterdam-style, was held in the evening.

It was a double celebration for the couple who also welcomed to the Christian world their son, baby Xander.

‘I’m not afraid to conquer my dreams’

The former resident sex guru of FHM magazine admits she still pines for the life she has left behind in the Philippines, particularly showbiz. But away from home, she is hoping to remain an inspiration to those who once read and followed her provocative column on love and sex.  

“The difference between me and the other people is that I am not afraid to conquer my dreams. I think people shouldn’t have any inhibitions to do so because you only live once,” said Agcaoili.  

She is "tamed" but remains naughty and admits that she still keeps her toys. The rabbit is still her favorite.
“Kahit nga noong buntis ako, I used it because your hormones just shoot up like crazy. You get the best orgasm when you are actually pregnant,” she revealed.  

She established a reputation as a witty and intrepid sex guru, among many other things, but now, she is taking on the new role in her life as a mother and wife very, very seriously.

Between fulfilling her motherly and wifely duties, Agcaoili is also taking up courses in Dutch integration at the University of Amsterdam.

“Sabi ko kasi sa sarili ko, gagawin ko muna lahat ng gusto kong gawin bago ako magpakasal. So far, marami-rami na rin akong nagawa. Well, siguro there will come a time na I will switch on my wild button again.”

“I just love life. I love enjoying. I love partying and celebrating because life should be a celebration,” she said.