Manila's makeover

Editorial cartoon by Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jul 14 2019 05:25 PM

Manila's makeover

Kudos to Manila Manila Mayor Isko Moreno for his initial efforts in making the Philippines' capital city look young again.

Since taking over on July 1, the Batang Maynila "yorme" has ordered the clean-up of dirty areas (even stepping on poop in the process), cleared iconic Manila roads of illegal vendors, and began a campaign against illegal gambling and epal politicians.

He has also vowed to keep Manila's last "lung," Arroceros Park, as well as Manila Zoo, instead of converting these landmarks into other uses. Other campaigns include launching an online complaint desk, reducing red tape, eliminating extortion and corruption.

Moreno said his tourism, transportation and environmental polices and projects seek to "remind us of our heroes, our history, and heritage." He also plans to declare 2021 as "Visit Manila Year."

The examples of Moreno and other new mayors like Vico Sotto of Pasig also show the need to continue the fight for an enabling law against political dynasties, and maintain the term limits provided under the 1987 Constitution.

Many other places in the country have been ruled by dynasties for too long. It's good to give others a fighting chance to serve.

The Philippines' political system needs fixing, and fresh (not necessarily young) blood often helps make the country a better place for everyone and the generations to come.