Ateneo Junior High School probes bullying incident


Posted at Dec 20 2018 04:52 PM

MANILA - The Ateneo de Manila University Junior High School on Thursday said it was investigating an altercation between two students on campus that was captured on video. 

The video, which shows a student challenging his schoolmate to a fight in a comfort room, has been making rounds on social media.

In a statement, the school said the video "depicts an evident act of violence that constitutes a serious violation of disciplinary misconduct."

"The Ateneo Junior High School is dealing with this matter seriously beginning with an immediate investigation that ensued the moment the report reached us," it said.


The school also expressed its concern over the privacy of the minors and asked the public not to share the video.

"Not only has the privacy rights of these minors been breached but it has also provoked some reactions that do little to help the school in dealing appropriately with the incident," it said.

"To the concerned individuals who have brought this matter directly to our attention, we thank you for your vigilance. May we appeal however to the rest to help in putting a stop to the indiscriminate spreading of the video."