Planning to visit a Robinsons cinema? Here’s what you need to know


Posted at Nov 19 2021 09:46 PM

Robinsons cinemas via Handout
Robinsons cinemas will be scrubbed clean, disinfected, and sanitized every day and in between screenings. Handout

Robinsons Movieworld assured has returning moviegoers of intensified safety measures to ensure the public's worry-free cinema experience.

This, as many theaters have reopened after the government eased COVID-19 restrictions.

Robinsons Movieworld partnered with UV Care, an American brand registered with the US Food and Drugs Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency, to boost safety measures.

The company hopes that the UV-C sterilizing technology brand would give moviegoers freedom from anxiety when they step into a Robinsons cinema.

They also use UV Care air purifiers which come with medical-grade H13 HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filters that remove the particles including droplets that may carry viruses in the air. 

"We are excited to welcome back moviegoers to our cinemas on November 24. We took extra measures to ensure that our customers can confidently step into Robinsons cinemas and not have to worry about their safety," said Arlene Magtibay, senior vice president and business unit general manager of Robinsons Malls.

Contactless and cashless transactions are also the preferred way of buying tickets whether at the gates or through online channels.

Moviegoers need to present their COVID-19 vaccination cards before purchasing tickets while contact-tracing forms will be provided via a QR code. 

Checking of body temperature before entering the cinema will still be observed and hand sanitizers are also available at every entrance. 

Meanwhile, seating will be socially distanced, even for patrons from the same household. For health and safety, food and drinks are not allowed inside the cinemas. A no-eating or no snacking rule will be strictly imposed.

Robinsons Movieworld will also strictly enforce protocols mandated by the IATF and Cinema Exhibitors of the Philippines. 

Face masks must be worn while in the theater while face shields may be removed temporarily during screening time. 

The theaters will be scrubbed clean, disinfected, and sanitized every day and in between screenings. Movie schedules will be staggered to reduce crowds in the lobby and queuing areas which will also give ample time for the staff to deep clean the cinemas. 

A pre-show announcement will remind the audience of the cough and sneeze etiquette, proper waste disposal and other healthy practices. In addition, there is a designated health and safety officer at every screening, ensuring government-imposed guidelines are strictly followed.