CAUGHT ON CCTV: Robbers celebrate after opening cash vault


Posted at Nov 13 2017 03:48 PM

MANILA - Four robbers took at least P100,000 cash from the office of a distribution company in Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod City, past midnight last Friday.

Two of the still unidentified armed robbers served as look-outs, while the other 2 ransacked the office located inside the company's warehouse.

A CCTV camera was able to record the robbery showing the two culprits hugging each other in celebration after successfully opening the vault that contained the cash.

Police said the robbers also tried to ransack a neighboring office of a welding company. They allegedly pointed a gun at the office's caretaker who was awakened by their noise.

The armed men were not able to steal anything from their second heist attempt of the night, the authorities added. They were able to escape after the crime.

The Bacolod police said they had warned offices to tighten security as similar heists have been recorded in a nearby town. Police believe that only one group is behind these incidents.

Authorities have yet to identify the robbers but an investigation is already ongoing.--report by Romeo Subaldo, ABS-CBN News