Pia Cayetano banks on track record, not family name in Senate comeback bid

Katrina Domingo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 17 2018 12:09 AM

MANILA - Her track record and not her political clan will catapult her back into the Senate, Taguig Rep. Pia Cayetano said Tuesday, as she filed her certificate of candidacy for senator.

Cayetano, the daughter of late senator Rene Cayetano and sister of lawmaker-turned-Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano, first ran for the Senate in 2004 shortly after the Cayetano patriarch passed away.

"In that sense the memory of my father and his good name gave me a jumping point for the launch of my candidacy, but I believe that my run now is all about the work that I've done," she said.

Cayetano, who authored pro-women measures including the Reproductive Health Law, also distanced herself from the political achievements of her siblings.

"We are grounded on the same set of value thanks to our parents but the work that we do, the advocacies that we choose, the legislation that we end up spearheading and are passionate about are very different," she said.

"In that sense, walang connection ang pagka-Cayetano namin, but we are proud of our heritage of course," she said.

Among the bills she sponsored are the Sin Tax Reform Act that raised duties on cigarettes and liquor; and the Graphic Health Warning Act that required cigarette packages to bear photos of the hazardous effects of smoking.

As Taguig representative, she recently pushed for a measure seeking up to 105 days of paid maternity leave. 

"Ibang-iba ang laban namin. Iyung kakayahan ng tumatakbo, iyun ang tingnan ninyo, huwag iyung apelyido," she said.