What netizens thought of Duterte's first SONA


Posted at Jul 26 2016 10:02 PM

Netizens were mostly in praise of the first State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte delivered Monday when asked on social media about their opinion of this event. 

Duterte received mostly positive feedback from netizens in informal and unscientific polls posted by ABS-CBN News on social media about the president's first chance to present formally to the nation his government's plans and priorities. 

Most of the netizens pointed out in the polls that ended Tuesday, 24 hours after the delivery of the president's address, that they found substance in the speech. Some, however, pointed out that there were some issues that were not mentioned.

The speech lasted beyond an hour and 30 minutes, longer than expected, as Duterte went off-script at some points of his prepared speech.

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In 24-hour Twitter and Facebook polls posted on ABS-CBN News accounts, netizens were asked if they thought that the Duterte speech covered changes or issues that concerned them, and which they expected to hear from the president's speech.

On Twitter, 4,332 people responded; 66% of them said Duterte covered issues that must be tackled. However, 34% said some issues were not mentioned by the president. 

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Political organization Ladlad replied to the ABS-CBN News poll and said the president forgot to mention LGBT issues. 

Another netizen commented he had hoped to hear more about education and science. There was no explicit mention of these topics in the speech. 

Here are more samples of citizens' comments on Twitter:

Many commended Duterte for his speech. A 12 a.m. update on Tuesday of the Twitter poll showed that more netizens -- 62% -- voted 'yes' to the question on the completeness of the president's speech, while 38% disagreed. 

Netizens also placed their observations via comments on a Facebook poll on the same issue. There, Duterte received mostly positive reviews.

However, some also expressed their hopes that these promises will not be broken.

Artem Estrellanes wrote, "hindi man lahat, pero sapat na ang kanyang mga plano para sa ikauunlad ng ating [naghihingalong] bayan." 

Another netizen named Xandria Resuello observed, "ito ang Sonang walang ligoy-ligoy. Kung ano ang tunay na kailangan solusyunan na problema doon siya naka-focus." 

Chan Santos said, "hoping na ito na ang pagbabagong magaganap sa Pinas. Promising 'yung mga binitawan, well sana nga hindi na uso sa gobyerno na inuuna negosyo kesa interest ng mamamayan."

Here are other comments from netizens from the Facebook poll: