2 pizza places in Cebu fall victim to fake delivery orders


Posted at Jul 12 2019 11:42 PM

CEBU CITY—A restaurant delivered pizzas worth P6,000 to the city mayor's office only to find out nobody there ordered it, local police said.

Authorities said an unidentified caller, who introduced himself as a member of Mayor Edgardo Labella's staff, ordered 25 boxes of 14-inch pizzas scheduled to be delivered Thursday afternoon.

The caller also allegedly asked for prepaid cellphone credits (load) worth P12,000 to be used during a purported meeting.

The pizza place realized the order was a fraud when people at city hall were shocked to see the pizza arrive.

Kenneth Monterona, who works at city hall, confirmed the order was never made but the staff paid for the pizzas anyway.

Owner Elisa Torrevillas said she did not verify the caller's identity since Labella was a frequent customer.

"We were busy so we didn't think much about it," Torrevillas said.

Labella was reportedly in Manila for a seminar at the time of the incident.

Another pizza place was also tricked into delivering 35 boxes of pizza to the town hall of Barili in Cebu. The person who made the order also asked for cellphone load.

The incidents are being investigated.

Authorities warned vendors to be aware of the modus operandi, verify callers, and to not hesitate to seek police assistance. — With a report from Annie Perez, ABS-CBN News