'Bertha' the hippo, Manila Zoo's oldest inhabitant, dies at 65


Posted at Jul 09 2017 03:44 PM | Updated as of Jul 10 2017 12:36 PM

'Bertha' the hippo, Manila Zoo's oldest inhabitant, dies at 65 1
A drawing of a hippo inside Manila Zoo now serves as a reminder that Bertha once lived inside the zoo for decades. Zhander Cayabyab, ABS-CBN News

MANILA - "Bertha" the hippopotamus, Manila Zoo's oldest inhabitant, passed away Friday at 65.

Zookeepers said they found Bertha lifeless in her area this morning. They said the hippo may have died of old age as necropsy results did not point to any disease.

People who were in charge of taking care of Bertha also pointed out that the 65-year-old hippo had been moving slower than usual in the past two to three months.

'Bertha' the hippo, Manila Zoo's oldest inhabitant, dies at 65 2
Families enjoy Sunday bonding in Manila Zoo. Zhander Cayabyab, ABS-CBN News

James Albert Dichaves, director of the Manila Parks and Recreations Bureau which has direct control over the zoo, said Bertha is one of the original animals in Manila Zoo.

Bert, a male hippo who lived with Berth inside the zoo, already died years ago. Dichaves said they are proud that Bertha was able to live at least 15 years more than the average hippo lifespan.

The remains of Bertha were buried in a vacant lot inside the zoo. Dichaves said they will be waiting until the hippos body decomposes so they can get her bones and preserve it for display.

He said they will be writing a letter to Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada requesting purchase of new animals such as hippopotamuses, zebras and giraffes.--Report from Zhander Cayabyab, ABS-CBN News