Robredo: I believe in rehabilitation, not killing


Posted at Jun 21 2018 01:06 AM

MANILA - Vice President Leni Robredo on WEdnesday said she believes the government's anti-drug campaign is necessary, but she does not agree with the deaths that go with it.

Speaking on ANC, Robredo said she believes more in rehabilitating those who suffer from drug addiction.

"I believe that there really is a necessity for an all-out drug war. We don't believe in the killing part. We believe in rehabilitation, we believe in activating the entire community, and making them responsible. We believe in giving them a fair share of responsibilities and obligations, but not the killing part," she said.

Robredo said she is pushing for community-based rehabilitation.

"We're part of a bigger coalition. It is a coalition of non-government organization, people's organization, even the Catholic Church. We're part of a coalition that pushes for community rehabilitation," she said.

"We've been getting a lot of success stories. We have, in fact, been highlighting these success stories. We're also providing livelihood opportunities for the rehabilitation patients, and we're doing livelihood activities to families left behind by victims of extrajudicial killings," Robredo added.

"I don't really have an access to everything that they do. I know for a fact that there are local government units who are very active in rehabilitation activities also," she said.

"But as far as anti-drug campaign as a policy of the national government is concerned, I'm not really sure what the SOPs are," Robredo added.