'Run free, Buboy': Viral faithful dog dies after hit-and-run


Posted at Jun 12 2019 08:05 PM

MANILA - The stray dog who went viral on social media for faithfully waiting for his human who had passed away has joined him in the after-life.

Animal Kingdom Foundation, in a statement, mourned the passing of Buboy, who was run over by a vehicle on Wednesday morning.

"Run free #Buboy. Gone too soon. Every animal-loving Filipino mourns today," the group said.

"We strongly urge all motorists to hit the #BrakeForAnimals."

The faithful mongrel captured the heart of netizens as he continued to wait for Professor Carmelito Marcelo of Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, who considered him as his child for 4 years.

Marcelo passed away last May 18.

AKF said Buboy was following a guard when he was run over by a vehicle while crossing the highway, according to a teacher at MCC.


The group said volunteers rushed over to the campus to check on Buboy but found him already lifeless.

"This mind-numbing incident, a tragic end to Buboy's story, mirrors how we neglect the loyal and loving askals — exposing them to dangers even when we have the chance to take care of them. They deserve better — loving families and secured homes," it said.

"When animal-loving people want to bring home a dog, we allow them. When abandoned dogs have that chance to be in a loving and secured home, we also have to give them that. They just simply deserve better."