CHED approves tuition hike in 260 schools


Posted at May 29 2017 12:47 PM

MANILA - The Commission on Higher Education released Monday the approved applications of 268 private higher education institutions (HEIs) to increase their tuition and other school fees for academic year 2017-2018. 

The approved applications represent 16 percent of the total number of 1,652 private HEIs in the country. This is 36 HEIs lower than the 304 institutions permitted to raise fees last academic year. 

CHED said the approved average increase in tuition is 6.96 percent or P86.68 per unit, while increase in other school fees is 6.9 percent or P243.

The increases vary depending on the HEI and the region.

The highest tuition hikes per unit were at P119.55 or 4.75 percent in Metro Manila, P49.07 or 3.05 percent in Calabarzon and P49.50 or 8.64 percent in Central Luzon. These regions also tallied the highest increases in other school fees. 

The law requires HEIs to allocate 70 percent of tuition increases to the salaries and other benefits of teaching and non-teaching personnel; 20 percent to the improvement of school facilities; and 10 percent to the return on investment if they are stock corporations. 

CHED approves the fees based on regional inflation rate, financial standing of the institution, financial capacity of the students, the impact of calamities, and school's track record.