'Appreciate memes': 6 tips for the cyber-bullied from Nancy Binay


Posted at May 17 2018 12:36 PM

MANILA - Senator Nancy Binay, who has been a subject of memes on social media because of her dark skin and fashion choices, shared on Wednesday a few tips on handling cyber-bullies. 

The daughter of former Vice President Jejomar Binay said she was insulted on social media a lot of times, but instead of dwelling too much on these, she chose to look at the positive side of life.

Below are 6 tips Binay shared in an interview with ANC Headstart.

1. Ignore trolls and bots

Binay admits getting hurt when she reads comments from trolls on social media. But she said it is better to just ignore these anonymous bashers who may not even be a real person.

"I do read (comments) sometimes. I do get hurt but I don't let it affect me that much. While reading, I get hurt for 5 seconds, tapos move on. Because I know it's not true. I know myself," she said. 

2. Don't engage bashers and haters

Bashers and haters get satisfaction and motivation when they see their targets getting affected, Binay said.

"Huwag papatulan ang bashers at haters. You're giving them the satisfaction na nasaktan ka nila e," she said. (Don't give them the satisfaction of hurting you.)

"We really are dark. We are proud of it. Why get hurt? I am dark and I love it," added Binay who has been name-called for her dark skin complexion on social media.

3. Appreciate memes but be mindful

Binay said she sincerely appreciates the efforts of the netizens in making memes about her. The senator has been a subject of memes because of her State of the Nation Address outfits. 

"Effort maghanap ng picture mo, di ba? Tapos pagkatapos hanapin ang picture mo, gagawan ka pa ng graphics. That takes a lot of their time," she said. 

4. Be friendly, even if others are not

Binay sees being friendly and respectful on social media as a necessary change to counter the hater online. 

"It's a mindset. Social media is full of hate. Maybe we need to change it, shift the discourse to being friendly or just respecting each other," said the senator.

5. Don't make social media your personal battle ground

Binay said there is a tendency for people to bring their personal battles online because of anonymity. But this often leads to people hurting others because of their words.

"Sa social media kasi may anonymity ka. The things you can't say in person, you say it online. Hindi mo lang nakikita 'yung reactions na nakakasakit ka pero nakakasakit ka. You have to be nice," she said. 

6. You are not alone, you have friends

One thing bullied people often forget, said Binay, is the fact they still have friends. 

"Keep calm, you will overcome," she said. 

These are just 6 of the 45 tips included in the reelectionist senator's upcoming book on how to handle social media bullying.