Sibling war: Abby Binay hits back at 'mean' Nancy, Junjun


Posted at Apr 29 2019 03:46 PM

MANILA - Reelectionist Makati Mayor Abby Binay hit back Monday at her siblings Sen. Nancy Binay and Junjun Binay, saying the 2 have been attacking her own family with Makati Rep. Luis Campos.

This, after Nancy said the sibling rivalry among them is rooted in strained ties with Campos.

"I will never turn my back on family. But how can one speak sincerely about reconciliation when they have been attacking my family from the start?" Abby said in a statement.

"You cannot claim to be nice when you are mean to people, especially a family member. You cannot claim to be nice when you disrespect the Church," she added.

Nancy, in an ANC interview Monday, said the Campos couple has stopped speaking to the Binays and skipped the family's weekly lunches since 2016, which made it "harder for us to mend things." 

"Feeling ko nga kumbaga para iyang connecting rooms, iyung side nila, kinandado na nila iyung kuwarto," she said. 

(I feel that our relationship is like connecting rooms, they locked their side of the room.) 

The incumbent mayor of the financial hub, however, dismissed her siblings' latest remarks against her as a "sad effort at damage control and to court sympathy after my brother behaved poorly in Church."

Abby and Junjun are both gunning for the mayoral post of Makati City. The two quarreled at the San Ildefonso Parish over the weekend, disrupting an election forum. 


Nancy, during Monday's interview, also showed a photo supposedly taken inside the Ospital ng Makati last December, which reveals that curtain rods were being used to hold dextrose fluids. She lamented that it was "not the Binay brand of service."

"This has nothing to do with our personal issues. This is, for me, iyung service that our Makati residents deserve," the senator said.

Abby denied her elder sister's claims, saying services in the hospital have "vastly improved compared to the previous administration" of her brother, Junjun.

"We have acquired new equipment and regained our certification from the International Standards Organization (ISO). This means services and processes at Osmak meet the highest international
standards," she said.

The incumbent city official claimed that when she assumed the mayoral post, the hospital's centralized air conditioning system was not working but the previous administration did not address the problem.

"Nang maupo akong mayor, sira ang centralized airconditioning. Ang dating namumuno, imbes na ipaayos, namigay ng libreng ice cream," she said.

(When I became mayor, the central air conditioning was broken. The previous administration gave free ice cream instead of having it fixed.)

Abby also dared Junjun to review police data during their respective terms to assess the supposed proliferation of narcotics in Makati City.

"Again, let’s ask our Makatizens. Do you feel safer now than three years ago or six years ago?" she said.

Abby also insisted that her younger brother take responsibility for his court cases and to stop dragging their father, former Vice President Jejomar Binay Sr.'s name.

"Stop dragging our father into this issue. Those cases are now in court. If he feels he will be proven innocent, then he should say so. Pero huwag na nyang idamay pa ang aming ama (Don't drag our dad into this)," she said.

The Binay father and son are facing cases over the allegedly anomalous P2.2-billion Makati City Hall building 2 project -- the same issue that led to Junjun's dismissal in 2016.