Duterte charter review group wants party-list system 'reform'


Posted at Apr 27 2018 07:31 PM

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MANILA - The committee drafting a federal constitution is seeking a revamped party-list system, one of its members said Friday.

"We are not abolishing it, we are reforming it and bringing it back to the original spirit, which is really to provide an avenue for representation for not only the marginalized and underrepresented," political science professor Julio Teehankee told ANC's Early Edition.

This means the sectoral parties would be asked to reorganize or join other sectors to form "real political parties for national or regional in scope," said Teehankee. 

Half of this representation should be reserved for the "economic marginalized," such as workers and peasants, while the other half for the "underrepresented," such as the youth and professionals.

"The idea here is we are building our party system not only for the poor, but trying to broaden the base of our political system," he said.

This system would be similar to the proposal pushed by President Rodrigo Duterte's PDP-Laban, which would have a mixed electoral system wherein the public can still elect representatives while 40 percent will be allocated for a "proportional representation system," particularly political parties that "stand for something."