Bam Aquino, wife Timi welcome second child on Valentine's Day


Posted at Feb 15 2018 06:36 PM

Sen. Bam Aquino and his wife Timi welcome their second child on Valentine's Day. Photo from Sen. Bam Aquino's Facebook page

MANILA - For Sen. Bam Aquino, the day he and his wife long considered "corny" will now be a special one. 

Aquino's wife Timi gave birth to their second daughter Consuelo Victoria, nicknamed "Coco," on Feb.14, Valentine's Day. 


In a post on Twitter, the 40-year-old senator shared that he and his wife long thought of Valentine's Day as "corny." But with Coco's birth, things are about to change. 

"Timi and I never used to celebrate V-Day, either na-cornyhan kami, we felt it was too commercialized, ka-cheapan namin or takot kami sa traffic. Ayan, the ultimate karma! We will now celebrate Feb 14 for the years to come," he said. 

The senator said the newborn is the best Valentine's Day present for them.

"Welcome to the world, Consuelo Victoria 'Coco' Aquino! You are the best Valentine's Day gift your mom and dad could've hoped for," he said.

Aquino has also showed his fondness for his eldest child Rory in social media.