Sta. Isabel, ex-NBI man don't agree on Jee kidnap-slay details


Posted at Jan 30 2017 03:29 PM

Another person with alleged knowledge of the kidnap-slay of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo is now in the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation. 

Authorities said Jerry Omlang, a former NBI confidential agent in 2010 whose service was not renewed in any official capacity, is now seeking the assistance of the Public Attorney's Office. 

PAO lawyers, however, declined to represent Omlang citing conflict of interest since they are already representing Ricky Sta. Isabel, the cop who allegedly led the raid to abduct Jee. 

According to sources, there are several discrepancies in Omlang's testimony in the Jee Ick Joo case, compared to Sta. Isabel's testimony.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre earlier said Omlang is the "alias Jerry" mentioned in the charge sheet filed by the Department of Justice in Pampanga last week. 

SPO4 Roy Villegas and PO2 Christopher Baldovino, allegedly cohorts of SPO3 Ricky Sta. Isabel in the kidnapping of Jee, previously claimed that NBI agents were involved in the abduction. One of their companions, a man called “Jerry,” belonged to the NBI, Villegas said.

According to Aguirre, “Jerry” is a confidential informant of the NBI who is ready to reveal what he knows before the Senate.