SWS warns public against fake election-survey reports


Posted at Jan 26 2019 11:21 PM

MANILA—The Social Weather Stations (SWS) on Saturday warned the public against false reports on its election surveys.

In a statement, the SWS said to rely only on its website for advisories, announcements, and survey reports.

The pollster also warned against those who might pose as SWS interviewers.

"When on fieldwork for surveys, SWS interviewers wear a valid ID which clearly shows the logo and name Social Weather Stations, the interviewer name and signature, validity period of the ID, and name and signature of an SWS officer," the organization said.

The public can also contact the SWS office to verify the authenticity of SWS interviewers.

Those who wish to verify the authenticity of SWS interviewers can contact the SWS office: 02-9264308, 02-9244456, 02-9244465.