Mar Roxas: Spliced video hides truth


Posted at Dec 11 2013 12:49 AM | Updated as of Dec 11 2013 09:11 AM

MANILA - Interior Secretary Mar Roxas on Tuesday night said a short YouTube clip showing him talking to Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez is trying to deceive people.

Roxas, in a statement, said the video was edited and spliced.

"This spliced video conveniently hides the truth. Let the truth come out. Tigilan na ang panlilinlang," he said.

The video uploaded by one "Josemari Gonzalez" shows Roxas talking to Romualdez.

It shows Roxas saying "You have to understand, you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino" before it is cut abruptly and another portion is inserted. tried to contact the uploader to ask him to upload the full, unedited video, but he has yet to reply.

The Tacloban City mayor is married to former actress and current councilor Cristina Gonzales, a daughter of former actor and politician Josemari Gonzalez.

Full video

This, as a separate, longer video of the meeting between Roxas and Romualdez has since been uploaded on YouTube by Cito Beltran.

The 42-minute unedited video's audio is garbled at the start but in its 6:50 mark, Roxas is heard to say, "You have to understand, you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. He is being very careful in just taking over because he doesn't want anything to be misconstrued."

Romualdez on Tuesday stood by his claim that they did not get enough help while the Aquino administration said it should not be blamed.

Roxas has denied Romualdez's claim and said the government did not neglect Tacloban City.

He also rubbished allegations that Romualdez was being eased out.

He said it was Romualdez himself who asked the national government to take over the rescue and relief operations in Tacloban.

Roxas wanted that request in writing and explained why during an interview on ANC.

"For the national government to take over, there has to be a reason. And the reason is obvious, there's a calamity, but I wanted to be careful...You have to understand you are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino, so we are being very careful. We don't want to just take over because we don't want anything to be misconstrued later which is what is happening now," he said, referring to what he told Romualdez.

Malacañang also reacted sharply to allegations it did little to help Tacloban city.

"All of the concerned frontline government departments and agencies were deployed in full force to ensure maximum delivery of essential services and assistance in the affected communities," Presidential Communications and Operations Office Secretary Sonny Coloma said.

"Military helicopters brought in troops and soldiers to replace the first responders who had been disabled. The Philippine Air Force flew in relief goods and troops," he added.

"The President believes that those engaging in a media campaign and putting the blame on the national government are performing a disservice to the people," he said.

Romualdez, meanwhile, said even if the national government indeed helped, it has yet to provide funds to the local government after the typhoon. - with reports from Karen Davila and Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News; ANC