Meet Sincerely Yours '98, UPCAT passer

By Rose Carmelle Lacuata,

Posted at Dec 24 2013 12:10 AM | Updated as of Dec 24 2013 04:26 PM

Meet Sincerely Yours '98, UPCAT passer 1
UPCAT passers Jules Cyber 1A22 Cruz, Sincerely Yours '98 Pascual, and Cressida B3 Reyes

MANILA -- The University of The Philippines surprised everyone Sunday night when it released the results of its UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) two months earlier than usual.

While browsing the results, people noticed some unique names on the list of UPCAT passers.

Some of the uncommon names include those of Sincerely Yours '98 Pascual, Cressida B3 Reyes, and Jules Cyber 1A22 Cruz.

Sister of Macaroni, Spaghetti

When people first saw Sincerely Yours '98's name, some thought of a system error in the list.


Meet Sincerely Yours '98, UPCAT passer 2


But she proved them wrong when she replied to the thread, telling everyone that it's her real name.

In an email to, Truly (Sincerely Yours '98's nickname) explained the story behind her name.

"My name was supposed to be Bobby-Q '98, a play on 'barbeque' and my father's name (Bobby), but I turned out a girl, so they named me Sincerely Yours '98 instead."

Truly's siblings also have unique names. Her older brother is named Macaroni '85, and her older sister is named Spaghetti '88.

"The numbers on our names are our year of birth, my brother born in 1985, my sister in 1988, and me, 1998," she added.

Their parents followed a pattern in naming them:

"Dear Macaroni,

How's Spaghetti?

Sincerely yours,

Mama and Papa"

Because of her unique name, Truly has memorized what she says to her classmates every time she introduces herself in class.

"My classmates always look at me and say 'Really?!" every year when I introduce myself. It made me feel like a boss," she joked.

Truly said that a fast food worker had to go to his manager just to confirm her name.

"I filled out a form, then the waiter looked at me and asked it it really was my name. He even went to his manager and showed the form. The manager thought that I was kidding, and even threatened to report me to the police. I showed them my school ID, and laughed at my name."

She is thankful that her father gave her a unique name.

"I wouldn't want to change my name. I enjoy the feeling that everyone thinks that I'm kidding whenever they ask for my name."

Even her friends, like Francis Fulgar, once thought that Truly was pulling his leg when she introduced herself.

"I thought, is she serious? I even added 'Yours' to her nickname, not knowing that it is really part of her name," he added.

B2 and B3

Just like Truly, Cressida is used to people asking about her unique name.

"Since I was young, I am used to hearing people talk about my name. Sometimes they even ask me if it is really written on my birth certificate," Reyes told through email.

Cressida B3 Reyes' parents got her and her brother's name from a popular children's show, "Bananas in Pajamas", where the two characters were called 'B1' and 'B2'.

"They came up with the name B2, which became part of my brother, Bryle B2's name. They then named me B3."

Because of her name, Reyes feels special.

"I find my name really amazing and simply extraordinary. It stands out from the crowd."

"I was really surprised when I saw people on the Internet talking about it," Reyes added.

She would also like to follow the pattern in naming her children in the future.

Cyber 1A22

After seeing his name on a Facebook page Jules Cyber 1A22 Cruz explained his name's meaning.

In a comment to a screen capture of his name from the UPCAT results, a friend explained the meaning of "1A22", which stands for Cruz' birth order and his birthday.

He is his parents' first child (1) and he was born on August 22 (A22).

The post has received more than 1,700 "likes" and 100 comments so far.

Cruz, Reyes, and Pascual are just among the 13,000 UPCAT passers.

There are other unique names on the list, such as Jam Zherluck Bermejo, Nwynn Vrenely Faith Bulusan, and H'Rayfel JR Caracas.