New fashion line offers 'lucky' clothes and more


Posted at Nov 23 2012 08:27 AM | Updated as of Nov 23 2012 04:27 PM

MANILA, Philippines – “Why not wear something that has meaning to you?”

UK-based Filipino feng shui expert Marites Allen made the statement as she introduced her clothing line to the local media on Tuesday.

Named after the Norse goddess of prophecy and destiny, Frigga incorporates feng shui principles into fashion designs, with each item promising to attract positive energies into the wearer’s life.

Among these are blouses and dresses printed with the ruyi symbol (a curved object that looks like a scepter), which symbolizes prosperity and good luck.

“For each item, I have it labeled in such a way that the item will communicate to the person. Like if your concern is about health, you can wear this,” Allen told reporters.

Items from Frigga are not only targeted at believers of feng shui but also at people who just want to have a dose of luck in their wardrobe, according to Allen. Those who are going to sign a contract or have a job interview, for instance, usually turn to clothes printed with soaring birds as these bring more luck, she said.

“I have a team of experts in the UK and I produce the fabric on my own. It’s a whole new monster for me. I have to develop everything from scratch,” said Allen, who noted that Frigga has been selling in UK, Singapore and Japan.

As she brings the brand to Filipinos, she said: “I’m very careful because I’m new in the industry. I’m still in the learning process.”

While the idea of merging fashion and feng shui seems new to Filipinos, Allen said it has been done a long time ago.

“Even at the time of emperors in China,” she noted. “I think you can even see some in Shanghai Tang. But it has to be done by an expert because otherwise, instead of bringing good luck to you, baka bad luck. So we have to be careful.”

While a lot of Filipinos do not believe in feng shui, many of them prefer to be on the safe side by adhering to its principles, buying trinkets and other “lucky” items for themselves and their homes.

Others, meanwhile, opt to respect the ancient Chinese system the same way that believers do not criticize their Catholic faith.

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