Cory mosaic sets world record


Posted at Nov 04 2010 10:35 AM | Updated as of Nov 04 2010 07:03 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A giant photo mosaic of the late President Cory Aquino unveiled last August has set a new record for the world's largest photo mosaic.

An article on the World Records Academy website said the mosaic measures 250 feet by 200 feet (76x61 meters) and is made up of more than 3,200 photographs of the late President. It is said to have cost P2 million to make, covers at least four basketball courts and weighs about 4,000 kilos.

The giant photo mosaic was unfurled during the first death anniversary of the late President on August 1, 2010.


Cory mosaic sets world record 1

Photojournalist Revoli Cortez is credited for the photo mosaic concept.

President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, son of the late President, said the mosaic is "a symbol of that hope. The real challenge, however, is in making Cory Aquino's example and legacy part of our daily lives. All through her life, she demonstrated love not only for her family, but also for every single Filipino."

The previous Guinness World Record for the Largest Photo Mosaic was held by a huge baby picture in China, which measured 108.2 feet by 65.6 feet.