Christopher de Leon's 'secrets' to staying young


Posted at Jun 20 2011 06:13 PM | Updated as of Jun 21 2011 07:45 PM

MANILA, Philippines - There are two things about Christopher de Leon that never seem to grow old: his superb acting and his face.

Those who have watched him on television and on the silver screen would probably agree -- through the years, he still manages to surpass several of the country's hottest and most talented actors, no matter how young they may be.

His secret? He is a happy man.

"The best thing is the smiles that you get from your children," de Leon said in a taped interview on ABS-CBN's "Salamat Dok" over the weekend.

De Leon, 55, is also known to be a fitness buff, engaging in running and other exercises to withstand the rigors of showbiz life.

During his free time, he visits a beauty clinic for his facial and other treatments.

"I pamper myself," he said.


De Leon manages to look 20 years younger thanks to his happy disposition and healthy lifestyle, but he also gets a little help from cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo.

He said he has been availing of Belo's services for the past 16 years.

"Belo takes care of my looks," he said.

De Leon said his face remains thin and firm because of Ulthera, a non-invasive procedure from the United States which is considered a less painful alternative to Thermage. It utilizes "high intensity focused ultrasound" to tighten the skin after a 45-minute session.

This is followed by Sculptor Plus, which tightens the skin and muscles.

Christopher de Leon's 'secrets' to staying young 1

De Leon's lower eyelids are no longer puffy after undergoing laser blepharoplasty, which makes use of a carbon dioxide laser to remove excess tissue and skin.

On top of these, the veteran actor gets a facial every 2 weeks to remove whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and dead skin, and to improve blood circulation.

Belo said it is easier to maintain de Leon's skin, and male skin in general, since it is firmer and does not age as fast.

"They shave all the time, na-eexfoliate ang skin, naaalis ang dead skin cells sa mukha (They shave all the time so the dead cells on their face get removed)," she said.