Higher grades and other benefits of a good memory


Posted at May 10 2012 11:01 AM | Updated as of May 10 2012 07:02 PM

MANILA, Philippines – It’s hard to memorize a set of numbers in minutes, but the task would be easier if these are turned into words and codes, according to a memory expert.

Bestselling author Eran Katz, who also holds a Guinness World Record for his memory stunts, told ANC that thoughts already familiar to people – such as their home or a body part – can help them remember facts and details.

His newest book, “Where Did Noah Park the Ark?,” contains a collection of his memory techniques.

“Memory is a skill that you can improve on. Those stories about geniuses that can look at a page and memorize it, they don’t exist. Memory is a skill that you can train and work on, and perform amazing things with,” Katz told ANC on Wednesday.

“It’s all a matter of practicing. I practiced this for 20 years,” he added.

The key to having a good memory, according to Katz, is paying attention. “When your memory is better, your life is more efficient. You remember all the time where your car keys are, you don’t look for things,” he said.

Katz noted that students, in particular, can benefit from a good memory. Citing research, he said some of these include:

  • better grades in tests and examinations
  • higher self-confidence, since remembering facts and formulas will no longer be a problem
  • reduced anxiety and frustration since learning is made easier
  • reduced hours of mugging
  • improved sleep quality
  • improved social interaction

On top of all these, he said a good memory will help people learn a new language more easily.

Katz said he discovered – and studied – traditional memory techniques back when he was little, and used these to prepare for his exams.

“When all my friends studied for a week or two for exams, it took me a day or two. I’m not special, I’m not a genius. All I am is that I have a skilled memory. Anybody can do that,” he said.

Katz is in Manila to hold a book signing and memory training workshop at 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Powerbooks bookstore in Greenbelt 4 mall, Makati City.

Asked if a person can also learn how to forget things more easily, he said: “You can choose not to think about them, or think about something else to replace old memories.

“If you have some trauma, deal with it, because it helps you forget it. Just close the circle.”